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This is Jimmy Young. I'm a 20-year Institutional Forex trader. My training program cost $7,000 to $10,000 between 2005 and 2014. Today I can offer the same quality for $100. Skeptical? Sure, I would be. That's why I offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

why so cheap?

Because I don't pay for marketing or advertising and I don't do in person seminars (no travel costs, hotel bills, seminar room costs). No question my $10,000 program was first class. Here are some pictures from one of many Guernsey, Channel Islands 3 day live trading seminars:

details of the new 2 month $100 training program

The bottom line is you get the same content and you get the same level of attention as the $10k program.

We begin with Jimmy’s Institutional Trading Systems (Videos 1 to 8)

Easy to learn and use. Exact entry, stop loss, and take profit. Can be used for swing trading but I prefer to use it for day trading the GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs. Video 1 is 10 minutes.

This is perhaps my most popular proprietary trading system. It can be preset so you don’t have to be watching the market and the stop loss is tight. Video 2 is 3 minutes.

Trade entry signals are from the 5 minute chart so this is truly a day trading system. Can be used on all pairs My preference is the GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs. Video 3 is 7 minutes.

I got this system from David K. , a UK resident, during a 3 day Guernsey LIVE trading seminar. Great at catching the turns early. Video 4 is 5 minutes.

The Daily Candlestick System is a retracement / reversal swing trading system; exact trade entry signal, stop loss, and take profit. Video 5 is 5 minutes.

This trading system can be used in all time frames; great for day trading and great for swing trading. Video 6 is 9 minutes.

Only used on the one minute chart so it is strictly a day trading system. Video 7 is 5 minutess.

Used to get in on big spikes created by news events. Video 8 is 6 minutes.


Then Risk Management

Topics: choosing the right broker, rethinking risk reward, calibrating bet size, and writing your trading plan. Video 9 is 6 minutes.

And Trading Psychology

Topics: seeing the whole picture, thinking in “shades of grey” and staying current and flexible. Video 10 is 4 minutes.

After watching the 10 short videos (takes about an hour) the next step is to start demo trading and practice what you learned. You will have access to the daily trade idea webcast, the live trading room, and Skype calls to provide further assistance.

At 6pm Eastern Standard Time Sunday through Thursday Jimmy posts a short webcast in the live trading room with his trade ideas for the next 24 hours and a quick review of how his ideas for the last 24 hours worked out.The daily webcast is 3 to 5 minutes long.

Traders share their trades and their trade ideas. You can actively participate or just “take it all in”. The room is open 24/7 and is most active during the European morning and the US morning. On average there are 15 to 25 traders in the room.

Your first face to face one-on-one Skype call with Jimmy is to help you with your trading plan (usually an hour or longer). After that you can request another call to discuss whatever is on your mind at any time. The program includes unlimited one-on-one Skype calls.

The final part of the $100 program is the advanced stuff. Videos 11-25

I launched this individual currency analyzer back in 2005 with the help of my goods friends Anton and Mona. It does a lot of things well including  “signals”.  However, its not an EA or automated trading. Video 11 is 7 minutes.

Big Candle is one of my favorite trading tools. A “real body” candle that is “bigger” than any others recently indicates something has changed. My job is to find the hidden opportunity. Video 12 is 3 minutes.

The one candle reversal is a very handy tool for “pulling the trigger” on trade entries, stops, and profits. Works on all time frames. Video 13 is 6 minutes.

Videos 14-25

These are tools and tactics and are useful for the trader willing to use some discretion and imagination in their trading.

  • 14 Using the daily chart for trade ideas and setups. 5 minute video
  • 15 A new way to identify support & resistance. 2 minute video
  • 16 Simple way to trade a view without watching. 3 minute video
  • 17 How to get the most out of the 1 hour chart. 3 minute video
  • 18 Jimmy's band / Gartley combination. 7 minute video
  • 19 Breakout strategies and tactics. 4 minute video
  • 20 When to use risk on, risk off strategy. 2 minute video
  • 21 Unique and effective way to set a profit target. 4 minute video
  • 22 New ways to find support and buy opportunities. 2 minute video
  • 23 Strong signals from the 3 candle reversal. 4 minute video
  • 24 Refresher: average daily range (ADR). 2 minute video
  • 25 Finding resistsance and sell opportunities. 2 minute video

This $100 two month program is a great value and there is an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

The $100 program includes the videos (downloadable for repeat viewing), the one-on-one Skype calls with Jimmy (as many as needed), Jimmy’s daily webcast for 2 months, and access to the live trading room for 2 months

The short answer is 2 months. However, you can choose to delay starting your 2 month subscription to the live trading room / daily webcast until after you have completed the videos and or you can delay starting your 2 month subscriptions until after your one-on-one Skype call with Jimmy

Yes. There is a 30 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee

Yes. If needed Jimmy will do additional one-on-one to go over trading and Forex basics (no charge)

The room is open 24/7. It is most active during the European and US mornings. There are usually between 15 and 25 participants. The group shares their real trades and their trade ideas. Breaking news and other useful information is also posted. IT IS NOT A TRADE CALL SERVICE HOWEVER

No. Jimmy is not a registered investment advisor and is therefore not allowed to give financial advice. Jimmy does share his trade ideas in the daily webcast which he is allowed to do and he sometimes (but not everyday) shares his trade ideas in the live trading  room.

The daily webcast is posted to the live trading room at 6pm Eastern Standard Time Sunday through Thursday

Yes. An additional 3 month subscription is $95, 6 months $175, and 12 months $295

Good question. I sold essentially the same program for anywhere between $7,000 and $10,000 from 2005 through 2014. These days I do no marketing, advertising, or live seminars so no expenses except my time. Also felt I could do a good deed for the “little guy” by making my stuff more affordable.

Contact info

Jimmy Young

Email: jimmy@eurusdtrader.com

Skype: eurusdtrader

Phone: (845) 542-3601

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