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What a New Forex Trader Should Expect

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Ignorance can be a blessing in the short term. Many people give Forex trading a go with little or no knowhow and rack up 50-75% profit on their account the…

When 130 pips profit in 4 trading days is not enough

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Last Monday night (March 20) I blogged that USDJPY, trading at 112.60 at the time, would reach 110.00 by Friday March 24). Late on Friday afternoon the USDJPY was sitting…

USDJPY is 112.50 now (Mon Mar 20th 5:50pm EST) and 110.00 by Friday Mar 24th

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Reasons: 1) USDJPY follows stocks (particularly the Nikkei) and stocks are faltering 2) Stocks are faltering for several reasons 1. Article 50 next week 2. Trump is not getting anything done(at…

Barrage of Midweek Hawkish Fed Speak Catapults USD Sharply Higher

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Ten different Fed officials, including the Fed Chair, talked up a March US interest rate hike in a 72 hour period and deliberately moved market expectations toward a possible interest…

Finding a Suitable Trade Entry

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Last week’s (Feb 20-24, 2017) FOREX WEEKLY trade idea was to sell the GBPJPY pair. Here is the full text of that trade idea: TRADE VIEW Bearish GBP on weak…

Confirmation always makes taking the trade easier

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This Jimmy’s band sell trade signal was easier to take because it was backed up by a 78.6% Fibonacci retracement:                   Here…

How we traded and profited from the bearish UK retail sales news spike

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Did the research and determined about a 50 pip move was possible if the actual number was about 1.0 different than the consensus forecast (actual -0.3; consensus forecast 0.9 =…

How I Found a Great USDJPY Sell Trade by Thinking Outside the Box

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Today (Feb 15, 2017) the USDJPY pair rallied strongly following the simultaneous release of much higher than expected US CPI (inflation) and much better than expected US retail sales. The…

A Cool Trick Using the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement

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Has this ever happened to you? You see a signal too late and miss the entry. The 78.6% retracement might possibly give you a second chance to “catch the trade”….

Here is an example of how to use the news to put your trade idea into action

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Starts with a view and a trade idea (this is cut and pasted from my daily webcast; I choose one trade idea each day)         The UK…

Here is an example of a trade strategy that is logical but “outside the box”

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At 09:30GMT there were 3 simultaneous “Tier 2” UK news releases and all three were worse than the consensus forecast GBPUSD had an uncharacteristically small range so far for usually…

The Very Best Part of Being a Forex Mentor

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Received this email this morning (Jan 24, 2017)

Has the US Dollar already began what will be a major fall in 2017?

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I think so because the way I am reading it Trump and Mnuchin told me so. Trump wants the USD lower to a) help American exporters export more (goods become…

A Classic “Dollar Move” Underway

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Since President elect Donald Trump started speaking yesterday the US dollar has plummeted versus all the key currencies that most retail traders speculate in. The term for an across the…

An Awesome Simple Fundamental Based GBPUSD Sell Trade

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Here is the setup: UK Prime Minister May scheduled to do a 2017 “look ahead” interview with Sky News. A. If she does not soften her “non negotiable” position on…

A Great Trade that Can Be Repeated

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The concurrent release of US and Canadian employment numbers offers a unique opportunity to do a trade that makes logical sense and oftentimes make a quick profit. Today was a…

GBPUSD Dec 28, 2016 Three Perfect Sell Opportunities on “Pullbacks”

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Three “breakouts” and three “pullbacks” (second chance to “take” the breakout sell trade

Why Yellen’s “Toothless” Speech Drove USDJPY 60 PIps Higher Within 15 Minutes

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Interest Rates Drive Currencies (Or Not)

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Theoretically, interest rates are a key driver of exchange rates. Accordingly, when the interest rate differential between the US dollar (USD) and another currency widens in favor of the USD;…

GBPUSD Get’s Hit With Two Deadly Blows

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Dec 14th – Hawkish FOMC Dec 15th – Dovish BOE

GBPUSD to 1.2975 Week of Dec 5-9, 2016; Here’s Why…

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                      The pair behaved bullishly for the second week in a row; especially on Thursday and Friday. Technically, it closed…