Jimmy Young’s Forex Day Trading System

I have been day trading the Forex market for 37 years, including 20 years as an Institutional GBPUSD trader.

WHAT IT WAS When I started day trading in 1982 there were no computers, no quants, and no trading algorithms. The price action was “pure”; straightforward and unencumbered.

WHAT IT’S BECOME Today’s price action is convoluted and difficult to “trade” because of sophisticated trading algorithms with hidden agendas.

SOLUTION Niche trade a short list of quality setups and ignore everything else.


  1. Currency pairs – GBPUSD 90%, EURUSD 10%
  2. Stop loss – 15 pips preferred; 25 pips max
  3. Trade time – European and US morning
  4. Strategy – Niche technical
  5. Trades closed for news

PREREQUISITES Basic technical analysis

TRAINING 1 hour. One-on-one

SUPPORT Daily podcast. Chat room. Email

COST Upon request

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