Institutional currency trader (1982-2005)
Independent trader and mentor (2005-2017)

A unique view of the Forex market through the lens of a 35-year veteran Forex trader.

1. Ability to log into my LIVE trading room and exchanges ideas with me and a small group of dedicated traders. I am personally in the room for about six hours a day. Most days I am present during the US morning and part of the European morning. You can chat with the group and / or with me privately.

2. Access to my short three to five minute webcast recording (posted each day between 22:00 and 23:00GMT)  with a very brief review of what happened in the past 24 hours and what’s important for the next 24 hours, including specific trade ideas (for educational purposes only). Please be aware this is NOT a trade call service. I am not registered with the US government to give trade advise.

3. Access to a weekly review and swing trade idea PDF made available for download on the weekend (usually sent out on Saturday during the day or Sunday morning).

4. Unlimited email, Skype, or chat room support directly with me.


Includes 1 to 4 above plus:
a) 12 page PDF with my most recent complete stand alone trading system; how to formulate a trade idea each day; how to decide if the idea is still good as the day progresses; how to find a trade entry; and how to exit the trade.
b) 13 one hour training session recordings; covers unique technical trading systems; fundamental analysis; and money and trade management.
c) 8 one hour beginner recordings; covers all the stuff new traders need to know; most of it is my own unique perspective on things.

Only $150 for a limited time.

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