My name is Jimmy Young. I have been in the Forex business since the late 1970s: First as a Forex broker (1979-1982); then an Institutional currency trader (1982-2005); and since 2005 an independent currency trader, Forex educator, coach and mentor.

During my tenure as an institutional Forex trader I enjoyed the reputation of being a consistent money maker who took as little risk as possible (See work experience). My trading plan today remains the same as it was then: consistent, low risk profits.

As a Forex educator, coach and mentor I delight in a stellar reputation as a knowledgeable, personable “straight shooter” who tells it like it is and doesn’t make hollow promises of success and riches. See forexpeacearmy reviews

When I started in the Forex education, coaching and mentoring business twelve years ago there were just a few of us providing this service and a sincere effort was made to provide a quality product. Today however, this space is littered with charlatans making outrageous claims of success and riches and providing no such thing.

If you are new to Forex trading or have experience but not success and you choose one of these charlatans to “show you the way”; it’s likely you will have a bad experience and tragically give up on something that could actually work out for you if you had the right person to properly educate you about Forex and show some things that could inspire you and point you in the right direction.

And that is what I do. That is my product. I educate first. Mentor second. And third I trade LIVE with my trainees. So it’s like this: I draw on my 35 years of experience as a hands-on Forex trader and 12 years’ experience as a Forex mentor to give the “skinny” on Forex trading: What it’s about, the strategies and tactics I use myself these days, and then I trade LIVE with you and put into action what I have told you and showed you.

Here are the details of my all inclusive Forex education, mentoring, and LIVE trading subscription:

  • 8 beginner videos that provide a solid “no fluff” assessment of what the Forex market is all about. Highly recommended for newbies and experienced traders who skipped the education and jumped right into the charts and indicators. Each video is approximately 60 minutes.
  • 13 advanced videos that cover technical, fundamentals, trading systems, strategies, tactics, and risk management. Lots of “my own stuff” here. Each video is approximately 60 minutes.
  • 3 minute daily TRADEFINDER webcast (uploaded to the LIVE trading room between 22:00 and 23:00GMT) with a very brief review of what happened in the last 24 hours and a preview of what is expected to happen over the next 24 hours. Includes technical trade ideas and a preview of any scheduled key news announcements (mostly economy and Central bank scheduled news releases).
  • Access to the LIVE trading room. The LIVE trading room is most active during the European trading day (07:00GMT to 16:00GMT). There are 20-25 participants on average, I am in the room most days for at least 6 hours. I share my trade ideas (for educational purposes only) as do several other experienced traders. The beginners watch and learn; some copy the trades but it’s understood that this is not a trade call service and they do so entirely at their own risk.
  • 2 page weekly swing trading Idea PDF. Includes a short summary of what happened the past week and previews the upcoming week; one or two specific trade ideas are provided (for educational purposes only). Uploaded to the LIVE trading room over the weekend; no later than 21:00GMT on Sunday.
  • Key market date daily Excel spreadsheet. Posted to the LIVE trading room with the daily TRADEFINDER webcast. Contains daily charts of the major pairs, yen cross pairs, DOW, NIKKEI, OIL, GOLD, and US 10-year bond. Also has historical and current data on all the key US, UK, EUR, CAD, AUD, and NZD economic and central bank news releases (used to estimate market reaction to numbers and statements that are not what the market was expecting).
  • One-on one assistance as needed. If you have any questions or ideas I am happy to speak with you via email (, skype (eurusdtrader), or in the LIVE trading room (click on my icon for a personal live conversation)

Initial one month subscription $150

Low priced monthly, quarterly, semi annual, and annual subscription renewals. Prices upon request

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