Analysis Spreadsheet

I’ve been maintaining, tweaking and updating this excel spreadsheet on a daily basis since 2004. It contains a lot of great actionable information and is a key part of my trade idea process. Access to the spreadsheet for two months is included in the $100 program. I post the updated spreadsheet to the live trading room each day at 6pm Eastern Standard Time. Here is the June 6, 2018 spreadsheet and a look at some of its features:


The PREVIEW page’s main feature is the TRADE IDEA. For Wednesday the trade idea is buying GBPUSD. The 75/25 is an attempt to express how strong the trade idea is. The first number (75) means I’m 75% sure the GBPUSD will increase on Wednesday. The second number (25) means I’m 25% expecting a decrease.

Supporting the trade idea are the reasons why; in this case I like buying the GBPUSD pair for technical reasons.

Concerns about the trade idea are things that don’t agree with the trade idea and or might throw the trade idea off course.


The REVIEW page critiques the trade idea for the day that just ended (Tuesday). For Tuesday we were bullish on GBPUSD with a 60/40 conviction. The GBPUSD pair closed 80 pips higher on the day so our bullish trade idea looks like it worked out well. To be sure you can click on “See Charts” which takes you lower on the page where a 5 minute chart for the entire 24 hours is displayed More on this shortly).

The review page also gives you the “skinny” on the six major pairs including percentage change and two volatility measurement comparisons.

See Charts

The SEE CHARTS link opens to a 5 minute chart for the GBPUSD pair for the 24 hour period referenced in the trade idea preview from the prior day. It highlights any trade signals from our 8 trading systems. On Tuesday there was a Jimmy’s band buy signal which was successful.

All possible trade signals, strategies, and tactics that are apparent from the chart are briefly discussed. This allows new traders to become more familiar with the systems and other stuff they learned on the videos.

The entire excel spreadsheet is used in the daily podcast.

CAD News

The excel spreadsheet contains a separate tab for archiving the price action and the deviations from the consensus forecast for each countries key economic news releases. It also maintains the track record for our news trading system.

This information is used to trade our news trading system and also to have a broad brush feel for each country’s (currency’s) fundamentals.

Our trading philosophy is to try to know as much as we can about what we’re trading. Fundamentals are a help with technical trading and avoiding losses on news related price spikes.


The spreadsheet contains a separate tab for six major pairs. The focus is on technicals and includes a “hand made” daily chart, three volatility measurements, and an easy toggle (far right) to any worksheet in the document.

The daily charts and the volatility measurements are an important ingredient in our “special sauce”.

Our trading philosophy is to try to know as much as we can about what we’re trading. There also is the issue of time and overload. For this reason most traders focus on just one or two pairs, especially the day traders. Swing traders might possibly need more variety to be effective.

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